About Limousine Akron

Limousine Akron is always the best choice for professional transportation at any given time. We have a large customer base of returning clients, which means we're doing something right! We train our team of dedicated employees to bring you an exceptional experience each and every time. You'll find that we take care of the details and stress so you can have a better experience. You always get the best with Limousine Akron!

Our professional chauffeurs are one of the reasons why our business is such a success. They go above and beyond their job of driving by providing our clients with the utmost care and kindness. Our chauffeurs come equipped with a GPS unit to begin efficient service, and they're always up to recommend hotspots to those who aren't sure where to go. Best of all, our drivers are licensed, certified and endorsed to drive our vehicles. Our drivers are sure to make your experience in Akron the best it can be!

Our limousines are high quality vehicles that can't be beat by any of the surrounding competitors. There's no reason to rent from any other company in the area! Our vehicles come fitted with great features to make your night a joy, and they're safe as can be with large insurance policies, as well as a team of mechanics looking after them. Call now to reserve service!